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Payment method : MAYBANK
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Order Steps

Email Order

Please provide the following information and emails to elhiro.my@gmail.com
  • Full name
  • Nick name 
  • Delivery address
  • Phone number
  • Product Code  
  • Fill in product code at the email title field.


Make sure the information is correct.

We are not responsible  if it's incorrect and you don't receive your parcel because of this.

We will reject any email order which is not full fill the required information because we want to avoid any difficulities problems in the future.

Order steps

Submit order to elhiro.my@gmail.com

Reply email from us with the details.

 Make a payment within 24 hours after you received email invoice.

Email to us the proof of payment.

Proof of payment is....>>

The print screen of successful transaction
or fill in our email when you make a transaction.

Check your tracking number at this blogshop.


Note : We only post the product once a week.
Either Friday or Saturday.

We also suggest you to use office address as a delivery address,
this might be conveniece for you to received your parcel.

Thank you & happy shopping !


Customers are advised to read and strictly follow the steps.
We strictly not except any payment without a print screen
or scan of payment.